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New approaches in the management of spasticity in multiple sclerosis p skip to content about dovepress contact us sustainability press releases testimonials favored author program permissions login live support chat home browse journals why publish with dove? Editors-in-chief author guidelines peer review guidelines 10083 therapeutics and clinical risk management journal homepage editor-in-chief honorary editorial board author fees article archive 2012 volume 8 2011 volume 7 2010 volume 6 2009 volume 5 2008 volume 4 peer reviewers 2008 issue 1 issue 2 issue 3 issue 4 issue 5 issue 6 2007 volume 3 issue 1 issue 2 issue 3 issue 4 issue 5 issue 6 2006 volume 2 issue 1 issue 2 issue 3 issue 4 2005 volume 1 issue 1 issue 2 issue 3 issue 4 about dovepress open access peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. cheap viagra online cheap viagra without prescription usa buy cheap viagra buy viagra best online pharmacy for generic viagra cheap viagra buy viagra online overnight shipping buy generic viagra buy viagra online Open access dove medical press is now a member of the open access initiative an author's guide a guide to help authors get their paper published. Advocacy support open access and dove press reprints promotional article monitoring - further details favored author program real benefits for authors, including fast-track processing of papers. Back to dovepress journal: therapeutics and clinical risk management new approaches in the management of spasticity in multiple sclerosis patients: role of cannabinoids review (4241) total article views authors: paul f smith published date february 2010 volume 2010:6 pages 59 - 63 doi: paul f smith department of pharmacology and toxicology, school of medical sciences, university of otago, dunedin, new zealand abstract: cannabinoids such as cannabis-based medicinal extracts (cbmes) are increasingly being used in the treatment of spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis (ms). They have been shown to have a beneficial effect on spasticity; however, this evidence is largely based on subjective rating scales. Objective measurements using the ashworth scale have tended to show no significant effect; however, the validity of this scale has been questioned. The available clinical trial data suggest that the adverse side effects associated with using cbmes are generally mild, such as dry mouth, dizziness, somnolence, nausea and intoxication. However, most of these trials were run over a period of months and it is possible that other adverse side effects could develop with long-term use. There may be reason to be concerned about the use of therapeutic cannabinoids by adolescents, peopl.


1yr Cashable 1.60%

Min. deposit $25,000

All deposits, including interest is 100% guaranteed by DGCM

Not available in SK Financial Services Ltd. was founded in 1999 to provide higher guaranteed investment rates (deposit insurance from $100,000 to 100% guaranteed), through an easy format for a wide range of conservative investment needs. finds the highest available Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) rates and provides you a simple, safe and secure process for getting the best rate with flexibility and deposit insurance coverage. 

Clients choose as their GIC Broker because of our great GIC rates and our NO FEE services:                                             

  • Deposit Insurance from $100,000 (CDIC)  to 100% guaranteed (provincial CUDGC
  • Average GIC rates are 1.00% to 1.50% higher than your retail branch!
  • Rates from our extensive network of financial institutions!
  • Personal service with over 150 Associate Offices across Canada!
  • We are members of the RDBA and the BBB


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By using our services, clients are able to implement a comprehensive cash management program that focuses on safety, convenience and a high rate of return. We provide GICs for individual clients and corporate clients including, but not limited to:

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 Deposit Insurance

All Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are insured by Federal, Provincial or Corporate insurance coverage depending on the institution. Chartered Banks and Trust Companies are federally insured and Credit Unions are provincially or corporately insured. Deposit insurance is automatic and does not require special application regardless of where the depositor resides.

Federal Insurance Coverage is provided by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). The CDIC was created in 1967 by Parliament to keep Canada's financial system strong and to protect deposits made with member financial institutions. The financial institutions deals with are all member institutions and a list of these member institutions can be found at along with other detailed information about insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage for Credit Unions (by Province) based on the Credit Unions that offers GICs through.

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 Purchase Now Tab

To get our highest guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) rates and purchase your GIC, you will need a personal cheque from a Canadian Financial Institution, a Canadian Social Insurance Number and two pieces of identification*. To find an office near you, search by your City and Province or call us at 877-551-7283 or 250-592-7707.

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"Dealing with GICdirect is good Karma!"  Darrell W. - Victoria BC

“Very trustworthy, fast, courteous and the best rates, saving all the hassle. One stop shop!”  Al W. - Victoria, BC

"Efficient. Easy to do business with. Time saving. Staff are all friendly, capable and competent."  Cam S. - Toronto, ON

"Easy to do business with and longer than average rate holds to transfer funds. Have very competitive rates available for GICs. Very friendly helpful people answer the phone and answer questions etc."  Angus R. - Williamstown, ON

"GICdirect's website is easy to use, and their customer service representatives explain the different products clearly so that you know what you are getting." Lana K. - Toronto, ON

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You do not need to apply for CDIC deposit insurance, or fill in any forms for coverage.

Nor do you have to pay for CDIC deposit insurance. 

CDIC is fully funded through premiums paid by our member institutions.